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SECTION 35 - Our Story

SECTION 35 was founded in 2014 by two friends from different worlds. One with Indigenous roots to this land and the other only generations removed from arriving on a boat. Our vision became a mission to create something that embraced diversity but in turn created the space to come together as one. SECTION 35 was born and thus a plan set in place to use art and clothing to break down the walls of outdated social norms and come together.

"In our modern society, there are a number of things created, to disconnect the relation between what our minds can create, and what we in practical reality may achieve and take use of. Everyday we face a social construct, which further increases the limitation of our capacity as individuals. In fact, most political, as well as ideological, debates are currently centred on notions that support such an unnatural balance between reality and illusion; "freedom", "equality" and "justice". These concepts are not news for anyone that's been following the course of modern politics, neither for those who through existentialism, have been trying to tackle the great questions of our Earthly life."

As we began to explore our differences, we realized that we are more alike than different. We did not forget the past, however we chose to look to the future. This became an opportunity to move forward together, and our goal became to create something that anyone, no matter who you are, can embrace and stand behind.

Our art and clothing will embrace our differences. We will bring you many different lens’ and world views. Yet through it all our hope is that you will find that we are more alike than different. 

Join us on this journey.